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Enterprise Integration

iboss Threat & Event Console - Enterprise Deployment Configuration

The iboss Threat & Event Console provides reporting for iboss Enterprise Web Filters. It allows the Enterprise filters to offload reporting and statistics processing for better performance. The iboss Threat & Event Console will actively collect traffic from registered iboss Enterprise Web Filters and process reports with collected data across all devices. This allows the iboss Enterprise Web Filters to achieve very high filtering performance without processing statistics and offloading it to the Threat & Event Console.

Multiple iboss Web Filters with External Threat & Event Console

The iboss Enterprise Web Filters can be implemented deeper within the network to filter portions of the network. This clustered method allows for better performance as it offloads the tasks to multiple units. The filtering settings can be synced between the two for redundancy using the Distributed Filtering Platform (DFP) Clustering.

Enterprise Integration
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Desktop Recording

Allowing you to automatically record and store a user’s desktop based on activity threshholds.