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iboss Threat & Event Console Overview

Ensure Regulatory Compliance: CIPA, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and FISMA

Shift How You Identify Threats – Not Just What, But Who and Where?

The growing sophistication of cyber threats including malware and data loss along with new potential of network peripherals ‘phoning home’ have eroded the effectiveness of current log based threat detection and reporting. iboss Threat & Event Console changes how we approach threat identification and mitigation by addressing who and where your connecting to from simply what. By utilizing exclusive features such as threat GeoMapping and heat maps technology, iboss Threat & Event Console provides instant visual insight to pinpoint threats across a global map. This system increases insight, shortens mitigation response and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Powerful Network Insight

Compliance and reporting requirements create a need to store Internet and user activity logs for extended periods. In addition, dynamic access to this data is required to identify and resolve obscure threats lurking in the logs. Reliance on static reports and logs creates difficult, time-consuming searches.

By proactively indexing and archiving network data as it is developed, iboss Threat & Event Console and Log Management provide administrators instant access to detailed user information regardless of whether it occurred yesterday or a year ago. These tools give network administrators instant insight on user activity, threats, and the consumers using the network’s resources. Gone are the days of cumbersome reporting!

Powerful Network Insight

Forensic Level Access

The need for dynamic access for data becomes a growing need for organizations as static report generation does not provide the flexibility to compare and contrast information in a reasonable time frame. iboss Threat & Event Console provides dynamic indexing of data and sorts into a drill down archive. This provides access to all events for the day with the ability to instantly jump to compare throughout the year.

iboss Reports

Drill Down Access Reporting

With the powerful indexing features of the iboss Threat & Event Console, access to any and all events are provided through a dynamic drill-down interface that reveals user details. This dynamic access creates new ways on how network activity can be used. Instantly create analytical comparisons between date ranges for bandwidth or user activity, identify trends brewing on the network, or utilize for forensic style investigations.

iboss Reports

Ensure Compliance with Packet Level Detail

Threat & Event Console expands network insight to provide packet level detail tracking violations, threat and bandwidth GeoMapping, data loss, intrusion, and bandwidth consumption. Easily view activity and violations from entire groups to individual users. User based reports detail all port, application, and IP accesses to and from the network. Detailed graphs and heat maps provide information on user and traffic allowing network administrators to adjust network layouts, customize ?filtering, and identify risk before they become a problem. This is essential to for compliance as well as mitigating threats.

iboss Reports

Web Usage Reporting and Statistics with Drill-Down Details

Reports web usage and statistics such as bandwidth activity, web category usage, top visited domains, top blocked domains, and last visited sites; all with drill down details. This information is provided down to the user..

iboss Report Web Hits By Category
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Active Directory

Easily enforce policies based on user’s Active Directory group membership automatically.

Cloud Management

Manage and control all deployed on/off premise devices from one user friendly central interface.