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School Web Filters: Protecting Against Online Threats

Ensure Regulatory Compliance: CIPA and PCI

Issues: In today’s school systems, the need for web content management is required for CIPA and other key compliance purposes as well as for protecting against network threats. Yet granting access is becoming difficult, particularly with the increasing popularity of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) for education. School websites are becoming hosts of desired information that are inundated with unwanted content, making the need for more granular access a critical concern. For instance, schools might need to enable access to twitter.com/abcschools yet want to restrict access to general twitter.com. Meanwhile, the growing demand for applications such as YouTube and Google Docs creates the necessity to secure access only to what’s desired within such applications — a technological challenge that’s become difficult for many schools to implement and manage on their own without effective school web filters.

Solution: To address such issues associated with the “new web” and concerns related to BYOD for schools and mobile device management (MDM) for education, iboss filter provides granular access by “punching holes” within sites and gaining only desired content, e.g., allowing Twitter.com/sallysclass but blocking twitter.com in general for students.

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Additionally, iboss’ advanced proprietary algorithms that are uniquely designed for schools and educational institutions now provide greater flexibility and new management options. For example, to control YouTube access, administrators can use the iboss web filter to gain that desired access and customize the YouTube options while simultaneously and dynamically stripping unwanted content, including ads and unrelated videos.

Not all school Internet filters are created equal. The iboss web filter is ideal for combating the ever-surfacing web-security challenges related to BYOD for schools, MDM for education, and school-supplied technology. It provides educational networks’ enterprise-grade solutions with exceptional protection through layer 7 inspection with DPI, signatures, and heuristics. The iboss web filter secures networks across all 65,535 ports, including SSL.

Lassen County - Case Study

York County - Case Study

Pinellas County - Case Study

Advanced HTTPS/SSL Scanning

Advanced HTTPS/SSL inspection filters traffic dynamically.
This ensures sites are filtered regardless of how they are accessed. There are no requirements for blanket or generic HTTPS policies.
With iboss EdgeScan, threats embedded within SSL traffic are identified.

Advanced HTTPS/SSL Scanning

Unmatched Threat Insight and Advanced Reporting

iboss Activity and Threat Reporter provides top-down threat identifiers with packet-level insight. Unique, dynamic geomapping pinpoints physical locations of threats that are originating from around the globe by reverse-mapping the threat IP to the originating organization. It also provides drill down to identify loss of resource, data, bandwidth, DLP, emails, and web activity by directory user name.

Threat Dashboard Geo Mapping

YouTube Management Suite

With the growing popularity of YouTube in the classroom, educational organizations seek methods of managing access, especially with the increase of MDM for education and BYOD for schools. iboss provides several options for controlling YouTube content to ensure
that only approved material is accessed while also removing ads and inappropriate comments. In addition, the ability to control bandwidth to these sites ensures the network resources are not over utilized. Group-based policies provide flexible access by membership.

goLive! Campus

The iboss products team worked directly with educators to create the goLive! Campus SaaS collaboration suite. The goLive! Campus provides collaboration between teachers, students, and parents allowing them to share videos and grading, plus create dynamic calendars and distance-learning features. The goLive! Campus collaboration suite is a “value add” to the iboss filter-product line — it assists in extending learning by expanding technology in the classroom.


Google Clean Image and Translation

Due to caching by Google of image and translation content, access to Google Images or Translation proves challenging because it becomes a liability due to the difficulty of content management. However, by using dynamic filtering of Google images and translation results,
which go beyond standard Safe Search, iboss ensures the AUP is always enforced without limiting end-user access.


BYOD Management

To simplify BYOD implementation, iboss provides the ability to bind the BYOD physically segmented network, as well as general traffic, against one appliance. In addition, a captive portal binds to your directory, providing user names and applying group policies to BYOD devices. This gives teachers the same policy on their personal device and district-owned devices, creating more fluid, consistent access.
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BYOD Management

Advanced Proxy Enforcement

iboss web filters combine a number of security measures so proxy avoidance is always and immediately identified, secured, and reported. First, utilizing the hybrid cloud database ensures that even the latest proxies are identified. Second, heuristics and signatures scan across all 65,535 ports to spot proxies — even those utilizing SSL such as Ultrasurf to terminate communication. Third, keyword filtering alerts administrators and restricts searches for proxy sites. Fourth, trigger-based alerts email administers immediately on suspected proxy access attempts. Fifth, advanced reporting provides the extraordinary ability to record a user’s desktop to confirm violations, and remove the uncertainty of pop ups or unintended violations.

Advanced Proxy Enforcement

Trigger-Based Threshold Alerts

Educational network administrators manage multiple tasks daily.
To assist in proactive identification of suspicious events, our Internet school filters automatically email alerts of violations as they occur. These emails include full details including the violation, date, user, machine and location.

Trigger Based Threshold Alerts

Auto Desktop Recording

This proprietary, patent-pending feature of iboss web filters gives unmatched insight on violations within the network, and it’s a critical safeguard for MDM for education, BYOD for schools, and school-supplied devices alike. Triggers and thresholds can be set to automatically record the end users’ desktops and store the recordings in a self-managed, downloadable format. This video is an innovative tool for identifying and qualifying violations through visual review, ensuring events were intentional not accidental.

Auto Desktop Recording
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YouTube for Schools

iboss works directly with YouTube.com to redirect access for users to administrator controlled YouTube library.


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