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Welcome to iboss University!

Here at iboss we offer webinars designed for people new to iboss Network Security solutions, people who are already utilizing iboss Network Security solutions, and those who are looking for iboss product certification.

Three easy steps

  1. Choose a webinar series below that best fits your current needs.
  2. Click on the webinar title to complete a simple sign up form.
  3. Receive an email to verify your email address, and webinar credentials will be emailed to you.

Below are the three types of webinars. Sign up now. It’s easy!

Get to know iboss

These webinars provide general overviews to current issues facing organizations today and how iboss Network Security provides solutions to these issues. Each webinar ends with an iboss product demonstration and how to configure the iboss to address these particular issues. >>>

Past Webinars - Request Past Webinars Access

  • BYOD With Flexible Web Access & User Based Reporting
  • Threat Detection & Mitigation
  • NexGen Secure Web Gateway
  • Introducing Youtube & Google in the Classroom
  • How to Manage Your Network & Eliminate Interruptions on Test Days
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Next Generation Reporting: Heat Maps, Geomapping & Best Practices

Expand your knowledge

These live tutorials are for new & current clients utilizing iboss web solutions who want to delve deeper so they can fully utilize their solution and learn about new features. The tutorials are led by iboss Support Engineers.

With staff returning from vacations and schools preparing for the new session it is time to refresh and review current procedures to make sure you are using your iboss solutions to best meet your network & reporting needs. These tutorials are designed to take you from set up for compliance requirements the first week through BYOD & MDM, featuring common devices coming into the network and being handed out for 1:1 programs, and finishing up with reporting in the last week.

You will learn how to leverage the tools iboss provides like the new SSL Edgescan, Social Media management, and Single User/Event reports. Each week will build on the knowledge and best practices demonstrated from the week preceding.

The tutorials are recorded so that they can be viewed at any time. Please click one of the webinar links on the right to sign up for the tutorials. We will approve each person to confirm you are either a current client or are evaluating one of our solutions. You will only need to sign up one time to be enrolled for the entire series
of tutorials.

Past Tutorials - Request Past Tutorial Access

  • Tutorial 1 - Compliance Essentials: CIPA, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, FISMA
  • Tutorial 2 - Troubleshooting FAQ's
  • Tutorial 3 - Mobile Filtering for both Windows and Mac
  • Tutorial 4 - SSL Edgescan and Social Media
  • Tutorial 5 - BYOD Management
  • Tutorial 6 - iOS Devices On and Off network
  • Tutorial 7 - One to One Best Practices
  • Tutorial 8 - Securing Android & Chromebook devices
  • Tutorial 9 - Dashboards + Reporting
  • Tutorial 10 - Custom Reports on single user or event

iboss Network Security Certified Professional
(ISCP) Certification

These lessons are designed for those seeking iboss Network Security Certified Professional (ISCP) certification. This training is ideal for customers and partners alike who would like to master iboss Secure Web Gateway.

There are three levels of certification available. All of the sessions apply to all of the tests, each level of certification indicates a deeper understanding and mastery of the topics discussed during the sessions. The trainings are recorded so that they can be viewed at any time. Attendees are expected to watch all recordings and can choose
to finish all three tests.

Please click one of the webinar links on the right to sign up for the certification courses. You will only need to sign up one time to
be enrolled for the entire course.

On Demand Certification - Register Here

  • Lesson 1 - Installation and Integration
  • Lesson 2 - Directory Services Fundamentals
  • Lesson 3 - Focus on Advanced eDirectory and LDAP Integration
  • Lesson 4 - Managing Users And Groups
  • Lesson 5 - Administration of iboss Filter Controls
  • Lesson 6 - Managing BYOD Clients For off-premise Filtering
  • Lesson 7 - Threat & Event Console Best Practices
  • Lesson 8 - Advanced Network Configuration
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