iboss Secure Web Gateway & Enterasys Mobile IAM

Partnership Overview

The alliance between Enterasys and iboss creates a digital handshake providing a seamless flow of information. Once Enterasys identifies BYOD users, iboss applies user-based Internet access automatically even when users re-join. Extended Internet policies are based on user location (e.g., football field vs. classroom) for a more fluid experience. iboss seamlessly ties BYOD users to Active Directory or LDAP. BYOD user policies stay consistent on their personal devices and district-owned computers. With Enterasys, BYOD users have consistent Internet access as users move around campus. Download PDF Here

ibos and Enterasys Digital Handshake

Chaos to Order

The fingerprint represents a user on the network while the blue bubbles depict the websites they are attempting to access. Once Enterasys and iboss employ the filtering process, the bubbles on the right show what has been allowed for access. Thorough filtering is only one piece of the puzzle. iboss Network Security expands layer 7 filtering, application controls, bandwidth management, threat dashboards, and event logging — all in one solution! To ensure uninterrupted learning, we have made sure that mission-critical resources such as blackboard, state testing, and others are not interrupted by BYOD users streaming videos. iboss Filter makes sure technology in education flows seamlessly.

Chaos to Order


Integration with iboss allows Enterasys NAC to identify BYOD users once and seamlessly pass the username and Internet-use policy to the iboss Filter’s Threat and Activity Reporter. When users re-join the network, their network policy is automatically tied to the device and all reporting is associated with the username without the need to re-prompt the end user.

Dynamically tie Internet-use policy and reporting to a user based on the user's physical location in the network. If there are different levels of Internet access for users Due to location (e.g., cafeteria or break room vs. conference rooms), Enterasys seamlessly passes the location to the iboss Filter at which point the iboss dynamically maps and applies the proper filtering policy. In addition, reporting represents the location of the user in this scenario.

Dynamically map BYOD users to Internet-use policy based on the user's Active Directory/LDAP OU or group.

Integration provides consistent and seamless policy to users as they move around the network. Users are located and provided a consistent Internet experience whether they are on the wireless or physical network.

Support for any LDAP-compliant server such as Active Directory, eDirectory, OpenDirectory, OpenLDAP when mapping policy. Flexible keys can be used to match on different LDAP criteria.

Gain the ability to manage resources such as bandwidth used by BYOD users, ensuring mission-critical operations continue uninterrupted.

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Founded in 2003, Phantom Technologies, Inc. is a global provider
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and email security.

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YouTube for Schools

iboss works directly with YouTube.com to redirect access for users to administrator controlled YouTube library.