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The iboss Enterprise Web Filter interface is password protected and administered through a standard web browser. There is no software to install in order to use and configure the iboss.

Delegated Administrators

The iboss Enterprise Web Filter allows you to create multiple Sub-Administrators (delegated administrators) to log into the iboss interface and manage filtering rules for specific filtering groups. This allows for separate iboss administrators to manage the rules for a specific group, department, class, etc., without having access to other filtering groups or rules.

Delegated Administrators

Super User Override

Super Users can be created within the iboss to override current the user's current filtering rules. The user simply overrides with a username and password, which can be created locally on the iboss or on the user's Active Directory, eDirectory, OpenDirectory, or LDAP account. The user receives a different set of policies, which can be completely unfiltered or have a baseline less-restrictive Internet policy.

Super User Override
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Clustering Filters
& Load Balancing

Allows live clustering between one
or multiple units through a Network.

Desktop Recording

Allowing you to automatically record and store a user’s desktop based on activity threshholds.