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iboss Pro for Small Business, a Total Internet Content Filter Solution

Hardware-Based Internet Content Filter Protecting Every Device Connected to the Internet in Your Business

Protecting from Internet threats begins with securing all computers including gaming consoles and mobile devices that access the Internet. Yet just one iboss Pro protects all computers and devices that access the Internet in your business and provides the ease of centrally managing these devices. The iboss Pro combines a multi-tiered approach, advanced layer 7 filtering, deep packet inspection and signature analysis as well a hardened Linux firewall and wireless N router. The iboss Pro Internet Content Filter Router provides a hardware-based, single and flexible solution to manage all Internet access in your business.

iboss Pro for Small Business, a Total Internet Content Filter Solution

Protecting Your Business

Take control of your Internet and increase employee productivity! The iboss Pro can protect and manage your entire business network, plus decrease bandwidth consumption at work due to non-work related activities. It also minimizes liability by blocking file downloads and objectionable content, and prevent viruses and spyware from bringing down your computers and losing valuable data. Stop unwanted web browsing, online chat, gaming, downloads and more.

With the iboss Pro, our single device can control Internet usage for all of the computers on your network. In addition, the optional Wireless-B/G/N signal allows you to control and protect wireless computers, laptops, PDAs and other devices connected wirelessly.

Protecting Your Business

How It Works

The iboss Pro Internet Content Filter integrates seamlessly as an add-on to your existing business network, or optionally as a powerful all-in-one Wireless-N/Firewall solution. There is no software to install and no potential software conflicts. One device can manage and control your entire network. The iboss Pro is fully compatible with existing small business servers and all major operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux etc. Built in Wireless-N capabilities allow for filtering of wireless computers and devices.

The diagrams below illustrate two ways that the iboss Pro can be installed on your network.

Customizable Captive Portal Window

Transparent Mode

The iboss Pro Internet Content Filter is configured to work transparently with an existing network setup and Wireless-N connectivity enabled.

Transparent Setup

Firewall/Router Mode

The iboss Pro Internet Content Filter is configured to work as a complete network solution as the gateway for the network. Network sharing and Wireless-N router/firewall are enabled in firewall mode.

Firewall/Router Setup
Secure Guest Wireless

Offer guest wireless without liability
− iboss Pro wireless provides easy
control of accessible content.

Already Have a Firewall
& Router?

The iboss Pro easily fits within existing equipment to secure your business.

Directory Integration

Looking for directory integration?
Upgrade to the iboss Enterprise.