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iboss Solutions

iboss delivers the industry's most effective web security, filtering, and reporting solutions on the market today. Along with our partners across the U.S. and the world, iboss provides Fortune 500 level security and filtering to thousands of customers every day, from homes and small businesses to large corporate networks as well.

Our award-winning solution is also designed to meet the needs of today's highspeed environments without latency. The iboss solution provides performance without compromise, no matter the network size.

iboss Secure Web Gateway

iboss Enterprise Secure Web Gateway provides HTTP and SSL web-traffic control, application firewall, and bandwidth management scanning through layer 7 with deep packet inspection, heuristics and signature analysis. This approach secures your network beyond Port 80 and
443 by protecting
all 65K ports,
including UDP

iboss Pro

Looking for a hardware based Internet content filter to protecting every device connected to the Internet in your business? Protecting from Internet threats begins with securing all computers including gaming consoles and mobile devices that access the Internet. One iboss Pro protects all computers and devices that access the Internet in your business and provides the ease of centrally
managing these

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Mac Address Filtering

iboss has the ability to fully integrate with existing network switches and routers for applying Mac address identification.

Active Directory

Easily enforce policies based on user’s Active Directory group membership automatically.